Hair Braiding Services

Various Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

Our hair braiding techniques and methodology come straight from the motherland – Africa – bringing you that unique Afrocentric look.

Our Braiding Specialists are highly skilled in a variety of African Style Hair Braids that are sure to make you look and feel beautiful as well receive compliments from your loved-ones and even absolute strangers.


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Popular Hair Braiding Services:

  • Senegalese Twists
  • Havana Twists
  • Kinky Twists
  • Micro Braids
  • Box Braids
  • Goddess Braids
  • Cornrows (Men & Women)
  • Touch Ups & Take Downs

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Natural Hair Care Consultations

Need help with your hair? We can help!

  • Struggling with your hair?
  • No luck with growing your hair?
  • Itchy, dry, dandruff scalp problems?
  • Hair line receding?
  • Difficulty styling your hair?
  • Hair breakage?
  • Needing to know best braids for your hair and head type?
  • Need advice on going natural?

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Stop struggling and fighting with your hair!

Schedule an appointment today and let us help you get better and happier results with your natural hair. Our knowledge and experience in caring for natural hair can help solve your hair crisis.

We’ll assess your hair, scalp, products you’ve used as well as lifestyle. This allows us to tailor a consultation that will help you resolve your hair problems and start Loving your natural hair.

Natural Hair Care Treatments

Good Regular Hair Treatment Is Important

  • What type of treatments can you do?
  • When should you start a treatment?
  • How often should you do a treatment?
  • What are the best ways to transition to natural hair?
  • Need to know what products best suit your hair type?
  • Do you know which products can stimulate hair and edge growth?

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It is very important to do regular treatments and therapies for your hair but there are many things to consider when doing treatments. Things such as what types of products to use, how frequently should you use them, even quantity is important to know.

During our consultation, we will advise you on not only how to care for your hair but recommend the best products to care for your natural hair.

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High Quality Hair Braids and Excellent Experiences

  • Customer Service: We believe you can have both a great experience and great quality hair braids and my passion for providing excellent customer service provides just that.
  • Edge Care: My motto is “Not too tight, just right.” This means I won’t braid your hair so tight that it causes your hair line to recede.
  • Atmosphere: We have a comfortable and fun atmosphere where you’ll feel relaxed.

  • Warranty: We offer a 10 Day Warranty. If any of the braids should fall, just come back and we’ll braid it back in for free.
  • Hygienic: We care for your health and ensure we follow proper North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts Guidelines. We use Barbicide to soak all combs and tools. Barbicide(.com) products are specifically designed for cosmetologists to clean and disinfect salons barbershops and spas.

  • Licenses: NC Board of Cosmetic Arts for Natural Hair Care and Licensed for Wake County and based in Raleigh, NC
  • Entertainment & Free Wi-Fi:We offer free Wi-Fi for your laptop, mobile devices. We also have Netflix and Hulu so you can catch up on your favorites shows.
  • Touch Ups & Take Downs:This is one of the best ways to keep your braids looking great and getting more time with them. We can also take the braids down for you.