We’ve been providing quality Natural Hairstyling, African Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care Services to the Raleigh – Durham – Cary, Triangle area for the past 3 years. We’ve had the pleasure of providing African Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care Services to customers all over North Carolina and customers as far as Mississippi, Texas, Atlanta, Virginia and even South Carolina. While we have overcome many hurdles and challenges and despite rising costs in products and supplies, transportation and importing fees for products from overseas, we’ve not raised our prices for the past 2 years.

Unfortunately, we can no longer avoid the growing expenses that go into purchasing the high quality natural hair care and African hair braiding products and supplies that we use to provide our customers with the quality services that they’ve come to expect and enjoy from us. The increase in costs have to constantly lowered company’s benefits.

As of June 1st, 2017, there will be a price increase on many hair braiding and natural hair care services. Services such as Senegalese, Havana, Marley and Kinky Twists as well as many Hybrid/Combo Hairstyles will experience a price increase.

As you know well, we have never compromised the quality of our products and services even in the hardest of times. We endeavour to keep going with the agenda of excellent quality and for that an increase in price is an apparent necessity.

We truly appreciate you and your continued patronage. If you have any questions please contact us via our contact page www.afroly.com/contact